Land acquisitions and conservation easements ensure the long term protection of critical wildlife habitat.As a registered land trust the Wild Elk Federation identifies potential land parcels for their significance as critical winter range, calving grounds, important migration corridors or related values as wildlife habitat for a variety of species.

Partnerships are sought with other land trusts and like minded conservation organizations to maximize potential and ensure conservation values are protected for the future.


The Wild Elk Federation partnered with other wildlife conservation groups to purchase 529.10 acres about 1.5 miles north of Cypress Hills Provincial Park.

The site includes native grassland and wetland areas, an elk transition area with some winter range, as well as resident Sharp-tail, deer, pronghorn and waterfowl It falls within the Environment Canada Habitat Stewardship Program Priority Area of the Milk River Watershed as well as Ducks Unlimited Canada and the Alberta Conservation Association Priority Areas.

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